Custom TV Covers

Measurement Worksheet

1. TV Manufacturer  _________________________________

2. TV Model Number _____________________________

Measurements:  Measure in inches to the nearest 1/4" and

Convert the fractions to decimal (1/4" = .25", 1/2" = .5", 3/4" = .75")


3. TV Width in inches______

TV Measurements


4. TV Height in inches ______


5. TV Depth in inches ______

Determine Mount Style: (Circle your type in the table below)

Pedestal Base Pedestal Free Arm Articulating Arm
Pedestal Base Mount Pedestal Free Arm Mount Articulating Arm Mount
Flat Wall Mount
Motorized Mount
Ceiling Mount
Flat Wall Mount Motorized Mount Ceiling Mount

Mount Measurments (in inches with fraction converted to decimal-see above
           --lavendar rectangle represents outer edge of Television)

**These measurements assume the mount is centered on back of TV; please contact us if mount is off-center on back of TV.

A. Top of TV to Top of Mount Arm:______________________

B. Top of TV to Bottom of Mount Arm:____________________

C. Width of Mount Arm:______________________________